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Our story...


spent the first years of his life in Oslo in Norway with his parents Dag and Eva before moving to Stockholm where his sister Melinda was born. After a few years abroad and in the Stockholm suburbs the family moved to Dubai. Marcus how-

ever, stayed in Stockholm to work at IBM after finishing his studies at the university. Just before Marcus and Tess became a couple, he had recently resigned from his job, sold his apart- ment, and decided to take on an international MBA in Spain, China and the United States. The family house in Altea is the place where Marcus feels most like home and where he enjoys spending his time, therefore this location became a natural choice for the wedding.

In Marcus' eyes Tess has always been "out of his leage," so to impress her, he invited her to Altea only two weeks after their first date. It was there he said he loved her for the first time (after she said it first). During the past year, Marcus has brought Tess along on a crazy journey around the world, a hectic first year that he would never trade for anything, although he is very glad it is finally over. Now a "normal" life together can begin.



grew up in Nacka outside Stockholm with her father Tobbe, mother Anki and sister Isabell. After her high school years and a great exchange year in Kansas in the United States, Tess became a "northerner" and moved to Sundsvall (north of Sweden) where she attended university. Although the northern country air was soothing, the city puls was more tempting and the return back home to Stockholm became a fact. Some set-backs with fashion studies at Stockholm University led to  a spot at the Trainee Program at Nordea Bank, and now Tess works as a Business Controller at Nordea's Treasury department. She loves to window-shop for real estate and hates to lose at any type of game.

Tess met Marcus for the first time in the summer of 2006 and thought he was a real dork. Luckily, Marcus grew up and by  early 2012, Tess had her mind set on him. At Marcus' birthday party the same year she made her move which turned out well since the evening ended with drinking bubbly on Marcus' rooftop. The happiest day of Tess' life was a year later when they went back to the same restaurant where it all started and Marcus got down on one knee and proposed.

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